Dorothy, John and Kristina have been amazing! Dorothy thoroughly went over my test results and listens to my concerns and doesn't give up on ideas to help my pain with RA. Kristina is such a sweet nurse who always makes me feel comfortable during my infusions. John always has patience with me always asking questions lol. I am positive that they will find the right meds to help me with my RA. Dorothy always responds when I am having a flare in between infusions when I am in so much pain and basically crying my eyes out and tries to come up with ideas to help with the pain. I appreciate them all so very much!! And Bixby the office pup makes me so happy while I am getting my infusion and my husband is allowed to be there at every appointment and I am thankful they allow him to be there. And the office staff is so nice. Much love to the office.

Loni Heinze

Both Dorothy and John are some of the best people and hard working doctors I have ever had.
Going above and beyond daily, doing the right thing, and trying to make a difference.
An absolute blessing to have met them and be their patient. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
Thank you so much for what you do!
-Ethan J. Smith

Ethan Smith

Dorthy is one of the most caring and understanding people in the medical field. Her will to go above and beyond to help me with my issues is second to none. The staff are always pleasant and pleasure to deal with as well. I would recommend this group to anyone. Thanks isn't enough for the way care about my care.

Laurie L.

I have been seen in this office for a few years now.I must say Dorothy and her staff are the best around,she is very thorough with every patient and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is properly cared for and has exact diagnosis. I would refer everyone to her..

dawn ash

I recommend Dorothy to anyone who has RA. I first went to her 8 months ago and I was in terrible shape. Medications were not working for me and I went out of work. She was so supportive and listens to her patients. She figured out what was going on with me and fixed me up. Her staff is also awesome, friendly, I never have a problem with appointments or precertification.

Lisa Mary

Dorothy provides thorough, informative, compassionate care. During your appointment your questions and concerns are her top priority. She guides you through your healthcare decision making. The entire staff is accommodating. The sweet little puppies are an adorable welcoming committee!

Jennifer Schmidt

My girlfriend and myself are both patients of Dorothy Lacombe and we are extremely pleased with Dorothy, her staff and the treatment we received. Dorothy cares about her patients, she takes the time to listen to us. She is very professional and her husband John is also an excellent nurse that is funny and cares as well. A+ to Dorothy and John


I have been a patient of Dorothy Lacombe going on 4 years. Her and John has truly been a blessing to me in more ways than one. From the first appointment I knew I was in good hands.I appreciate the time she spends with her patients to explain things. I also appreciate the accessibility to her and John when you need them. They are awesome. I have much love for the entire office.

Leah Redmon

As someone who has a major chronic disease for 20 years, I realize the importance of a provider who is willing to go beyond what is expected. Dorothy has been invaluable to me and my health. She will research, be an advocate and also show concern and compassion. I have never felt a connection with another provider as I do with Dorothy. She understands the frustration and fear that go hand and hand with a chronic disease. I feel truly blessed that she is on my side.

Tracy Roth

I feel understood for the first time. Dorothy and her staff treated me like a human being that needs help with issues.

D Demers

Dr.Dorothy took the time to look over my records of over ten years glad to say we are on a path together glad to have met a doctor who didnt pass me by for having Fibromalgia and rsd and nurothopy. I am truly please now I just want my body to stop having chronic pain and live a few more years

Carol Stevens

Dorothy is an amazing doctor.My son goes to her for his rheumatoid arthritis, she has helped him feel better,so I called.she got me right in, did some ex-rays and blood work and knew right away what was wrong. Got me started on the right medications I needed and I haven't felt this good in years.I highly recommend her .

Laurie Wasielewski

I started seeing Dorothy in 2020. I had been complaining about a lot of pain in my back, and all around just not feeling good at all. I fought with old primary dr on a regular basis because she didn't take anything I said seriously, I was also dealing with migraines. Come to find out I had two fractures one in my t-11 vertebrae and one in my t-12 vertabrae, along with find arthritis in other joints and finally diagnosing me with fibromyalgia. She has been my god send, and has finally got me on a regimen for my pain that works, anyone who says they need a rheumatologist I always tell them go see Dorothy!! She's the best, and the office staff is amazing!!!

Meagan Hall

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