At Dorothy LaCombe’s Adult Healthcare Center, we guarantee a different kind of treatment experience. Dorothy LaCombe, Nurse Practitioner, has nearly 20 years of experience in patient care, and possesses certifications in the field of both Neurology and Rheumatology. Combined with her skilled staff, all of whom have a strong desire to help patients find relief from their pain, you’ll discover a treatment plan that is as emotionally comforting as it is physically.

We’re here to tell you that your rheumatic disease doesn’t have to rule your life.

Medical Consultations

Your diagnosis is the most critical part of the treatment process, though it can oftentimes be difficult to uncover the source of the problem. With our extensive and personal consultations, we take the time to listen and ask questions to ensure we understand what’s going on in your body.


 Because rheumatic diseases fall into two categories — autoimmune and musculoskeletal — there are multiple treatment options. We make sure we know what your needs and desires are when balancing the risks and rewards to guarantee your goals are reached.

Infusion Center

Everybody hates hospitals and doctor’s offices, so we’ve created a space that exudes warmth and comfort where you can receive therapeutic injections and intravenous infusions with no stress and no wait. 

Our Services Offer A Better Way To Fight Rheumatic Disease

Our center revolves around you as a patient; we are proud to offer the following services to aid in your pain management and recovery.