Infusion Treatments

Expert Treatment in a Relaxing and Safe Environment

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It's hard to feel comfortable in a cold, blank hospital room. Dorothy LaCombe Adult Healthcare Nurse Practitioner PLLC strives to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your infusion treatment. During this three- to four-hour process, you'll enjoy a comfortable chair and access to a TV so you can watch your favorite shows while we treat you for autoimmune problems.

We're careful to follow all proper health guidelines and comply with regulations when it comes to dosing. You'll be monitored by a nurse during your infusion. Our chemotherapy-certified staff has plenty of experience providing personalized service to those in treatment.

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You won't have to wait around

When you come for infusion therapy, you can rest assured there will be a seat ready for you. You'll never have to wait around for your chance to receive your injection or intravenous treatment. That way, you can spend less time in treatment and more time doing what you love with your family and friends.

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