Medical Consultations

Determining the cause of a patient’s symptoms or abnormal tests is often the hardest part of treatment. If we can identify the cause, the treatment is often quite standard. Unfortunately a patient’s diagnosis can be extremely difficult to make. We spend significant time simply talking at consultation. Quite often the diagnosis can only be made by careful listening and questioning.

Medical Treatment

Rheumatology treatments fall broadly into two categories, autoimmune diseases and musculoskeletal diseases. This requires careful risk benefit analysis. Carefully discussing the options and obtaining patient preferences in the light of risk is essential in getting a treatment plan in place.

Infusion Center

Our infusion center is an innovative alternative to long waits in cold, impersonal hospitals. It is a place where patients can receive intravenous infusions or therapeutic injections in a safe, professional and comfortable environment. Our nurses are chemotherapy certified with many years of experience in the field. Our goal is to make patients comfortable while we provide caring, customized treatment. There’s never a wait at the infusion suite so patients spend less time in treatment and more time with family and friends.